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They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning; We will remember them. These famous words come from the famous poem, For the Fallen, by Robert Laurence Binyon.

We invite you to add veterans to our interactive Wall of Remembrance website. We hope that by sharing who they were, it will provide us with another opportunity to honour their contribution. We will remember them.

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Kathleen Sarah
Date of Birth: May 2 1980
Date of Death: May 17 2006
Province: AB
Served With: Canadian Forces
Served In: Army
1st Regiment
Rank: Captain
War/Conflict: Afghanistan War

Nichola Goddard was born in Madang in Papua New Guinea on May 2, 1980. She spent most of her childhood in many locations, including Black Lake and Lac la Ronge, Saskatchewan. She attended Jr. High in Edmonton, Alberta, and High school in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Goddard was killed during a firefight in the Panjwaye District on May 17, 2006. It was part of a joint two-day operations to secure Kandahar's outskirts after a rumor of Taliban preparations to launch an assault on the city. As troops were moving into a mosque to capture 15 alleged Taliban members, several dozen hidden militants began firing from neighbouring houses. As a crew commander, Goddard was standing half-exposed in her LAV III, which was later hit by two rocket-propelled grenades. She was the first Canadian female soldier to die in combat. May her sacrifice be remembered.
Nichola Goddard est né à Madang en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée, le 2 mai 1980. Elle a passé la plupart de son enfance dans de nombreux endroits, comme Black Lake et de Lac La Ronge, en Saskatchewan. Elle a assisté Jr. High, à Edmonton, en Alberta, et le lycée à Antigonish, en Nouvelle-Écosse. Goddard a été tué lors d'une fusillade dans le district Panjwaye le 17 mai 2006. Il faisait partie d'une des opérations conjointes de deux jours pour sécuriser les périphéries de Kandahar après une rumeur de préparations Talibans à lancer un assaut sur la ville. Alors que les troupes se déplaçaient dans une mosquée de capturer 15 membres présumés des Talibans, plusieurs dizaines de militants cachés ont commencé à tirer de les maisons voisines. En tant que commandant de l'équipage, Goddard se tenait demi-exposée dans son LAV III, qui a ensuite été frappé par deux grenades propulsées par fusée. Elle était la première femme soldat Canadien à mourir au combat. Peut sa sacrifier être souvenir.